Friday, 25 July 2014

Monday 23rd June 2014 - Colorado (Slight Risk)

With the last 2 days of our season in the States looking like Easterly upslope flow days we made our way back from South Dakota towards Colorado on the Sunday, and so we started in Big Spring on this monday and headed westbound along Interstate 80 and then into Interstate 76 into Colorado. Storms were starting to form around the Denver area and also to the South West of Cheyenne along the front range of the rockies. One particular south east moving caught our eyes heading towards Greeley and it was this storm that we started to chase, when we closed to around 15 miles away a very nice LP Supercell was in front of us so we stopped for some pictures. About the same time storms were starting to erupt to our South East as well so we were getting surrounded quite quickly with numerous storms.

We watched brief weak rotation before our storm did the classic LP Shrivelling up and dieing act before our eyes, the other storms were by now congealing into a messy MCS that was moving towards the Kansas and Colorado border, we elected to go back towards Sterling for some lightning opportunities and it would also put us in a decent position for tomorrow risk which was looking near identical to todays and should also end our trip close to our departure airport (DIA)

Some pictures of the pretty Supercell structures on offer today.

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