Sunday 27 July 2014

Sat 19th and Sun 20th July 2014 - SE Essex and Oxford

The ingredients were ripe on Saturday 19th July for that rare visitor to the Uk namely a Discrete Supercell somewhere in an area between Central Southern England and North East England.
Early chase targets were Oxford and Leicester and both these places would see some action by the end of the day. Unfortunately due to a prior engagement (Storm Chasers BBQ In Wales) which was kind of ironic I could not chase this day but was pleased both targets verified.

Temperatures of 84f and Dewpoints of 68f with SE Surface winds and 40kts of Deep Layer Shear and with a surface low pressure heading North from North West France set the stage for this event to occur, if clearing from overnight storms could occur then it surely would be game on.

At about 4pm a storm fired near Chippenham and tracked just to the east of Swindon, here the storm turned right and became supercellular moving east towards the northern home counties, the largest hail I could find with this storm was just under golfball and pictures from other chasers showed this to be a stunning Classic Supercell when pictured just South East of Oxford. Other people said the anvil was impressive from North London, the Midlands and the West Country which shows this supercell must have been quite some height.

The other storm of note was in the Leicestershire area where a funnel cloud was reported, although I am pretty sure this was not a supercell it was also a very severe storm for Uk standards.

The next event in this 4 day sequence was a Convergence Zone event which initiated over Leigh On Sea in my absense and dumped 4" of rain in 2 and a half hours including hail and frequent CG Lightning, lots of damage to roads with manhole covers lifting and tarmac also getting damaged and bridges washed away in the Battlesbridge area, Canvey Island also suffered with extensive flooding of most roads.

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