Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Saturday 10th May 2014 - Kansas (Slight Risk)

After picking up our guests on Friday and getting an early start there were 2 targets on the table for today, the first was just out of reach which was the Northern Missouri Warm Front, the 2nd was easily reachable which was the dryline in South Central Kansas and North Central Oklahoma, as it turned out both targets delivered Tornadoes. After grabbing lunch at Paul's Valley at Braums we continued our journey northwards and upon entering the Turnpike just before  Exit 1 in Kansas noticed the dryline starting to fire. Our chase was on already and after chasing a few of the dryline Supercells the 3rd Storm really started to crank up east of Wichita, the structure on this Supercell became amazing and the best I had seen in my 11 years of chasing in Kansas, a stacked plate Supercell with amazing sunset colours, the rotation was getting stronger and just before darkness a very beautiful white rope Tornado touched down near Climax. An amazing start to the tour, we ate celebratory steak in Salina where we overnighted and were in a great position for the next days Moderate Risk Warm Front Chase which was looking like a small jaunt northwards to South Central Nebraska!

Some Pictures of this fantastic chase day with the added bonus of Tornado Number 1 for 2014!

Above :- Incredible Supercell Structure in S Central Kansas

Above :- The Cherry on the Cake with Tornado Number 1 for 2014 in Kansas

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