Wednesday 2 July 2014

Sunday 11th May 2014 - Nebraska (Moderate Risk)

First real big set-up of the year for us along a Stationery Warm Front with 3,000jkg of Cape, there was also an Outflow Boundary from Overnight Convection brought into the equation, if a Supercell could get going and utilise thise boundary then a Cyclic Tornadic Storm could be in the offing, we were hopeful of some Classic Supercell structure and Not fast moving HP Storms.

Started the day in Salina and drifted up to Hebron (SE Nebraska) for lunch, most models had a single storm breaking out south of I-80 In South Central Nebraska and just after lunch we noted the first radar blips starting to occur about 60 miles to our west. We committed to this area of precip very early and it was within an hour that we were on the storm of the day initially intercepting it near Clay Center. Once arriving upon the storm it was clear this was going to be the dreaded HP Supercell with little or no visibility and also lots of driving to keep up all day hence the lack of pictures on this day which made it frustrating. We did however end up with 3 Tornadoes today, 1 of which we caught skipping across the road in front of us near Mccool Junction and the other two quick visual's as we were driving. The First tornado we saw was just after the storm initiated near Clay Center but we were west of the now ENE Moving Tornado, we did briefly get caught in the wrap around RFD Whilst on a dirt track and was always playing catch up after that coming across lots of damage to powerlines and trees across the road as we blasted back east, our 2nd encounter happened near Mccool Junction with what we believe was a satelite tornado outside of the main wedge which was rain wrapped to our North, we did get great video of this throwing sheet metal across the road in front of us (Video to be Uploaded Soon) and our last encounter was a brief glimpse of a rain wrapped wedge to the North of Lincoln. Ended the day in St Joseph (Missouri)

All in all a very frustrating day for what was a long tracked Cyclic Supercell riding an outflow boundary, the guys in armoured cars who were always in the notch did very well today with better visual sighting inside the core than those of us looking from the outside in!

Nice Picture North of Lincoln of this HP Supercell!

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