Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday 1st June 2014 - Oklahoma & Kansas (Slight Risk)

After spending the anniversary of El Reno in Dallas Fort Worth as no weather was chaseable we had already picked up the early arrivals and had put some miles between us and this bonus days chase target zone. Today's area was going to be the southern end of a general risk area from Nebraska down through Western Kansas and NW Oklahoma. 4 of our team had a late getaway and their plan was to drive to Wichita (Kansas) so we could all meet up for a lunch the next day at Greensburg, the Discrete Supercells by the time they had arrived in Wichita should have formed a line for them to get some goodies.

Anyway back to the bonus chase and after messing around with a little LP Storm near Elk City we finally commited to the tail end Supercell north of Buffalo (Oklahoma) and what a beautiful storm it was with stunning mammatus and incredible structure, once again the illusive tornadoes were thin on the ground but for structure and lightning this was a great bonus storm to be on, we watched another 2 Supercells in the line pass to our North before retreating to Woodward for the night.

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