Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tuesday 27th May 2014 - Central Texas (Slight Risk)

Another day and another Texas risk which would probably end up being our last chase in Texas for some time. We had a leisurely lunch in IHOP At San Angelo and my chase target for today was the Brownwood to Killeen area. Once again we hit the nail on the head with a very nice Supercell initiating over our heads around 3pm local time, I headed south to keep in front of the South moving Storm but views were hard to come by all day long due to hills and trees in the Texas Hill Country. Finally at Burnett the Storm went Tornado warned and we found a nice viewpoint to watch the rotation and structure as the cell meandered towards us.

After this we headed south towards Marble Falls and then East towards Austin and awaited the storms approach, some impressive anvil lightning was getting spat out by this storm with 60mph outflow winds and 2" Hail so we stopped and waited to see what we could get near the town of Bee Cave. As it happens we got the 60mph winds but the hail core missed us by a mile or so, close but not close enough. We then got a local film crew pull alongside us and did an interview about storm chasing which was fun, ended the day in Fredericksburg and with a few quiet days to come we started to plan a visit to the Big Texan for Wednesday evening and the long drive to Amarillo.

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