Monday, 7 July 2014

Wednesday 11th June 2014 - Oklahoma Panhandle (See Text Risk)

After a marginal chase on Sunday 8th from Roswell to Amarillo and a few down days after that it was the last chase day for tour 3 and a very marginal risk for gusty winds and lightning in the Oklahoma Panhandle. In the end it probably exceeded expectations with some ok structure and decent lightning all the way through to the early hours.

We watched a storm never quite going severe for a few hours spitting out some nice Cg Lightning and followed this back to Guymon, here it really tried to gain some structure and put down some very small dime sized hail. At this point we split from the guests that were going home via Dallas Fort Worth and took 1 car up towards Denver where the last of the Tour 4 guests were arriving on the 13th. The guys on the way down towards Dallas got some really nice LP Structure and Lightning for quite a bit of the journey south-eastwards which was nice to hear afterwards.

A few pictures from this day!

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