Sunday 28 June 2015

Saturday 16th May 2015 - SW Oklahoma (Moderate Risk)

Started today in Salina after a few down days and all preceding days were pointing to Central Kansas as the main risk zone, SPC Kept the 10% Tornado Risk over that area but it was clear that a morning MCS Was killing this zone and quickly, the other 10% Tornado risk was firmly on track though in SW Oklahoma with clear skies allowing the atmosphere ample time to recover. We initially drove west towards Elk City to a broken line of Supercells that had already produced a Tornado down near Childress and probably dallied a bit too long on this line before committing to the tail end charlie which was now moving into Oklahoma along the Red River Valley. After finally committing to this storm a large wedge tornado was already in process near Tipton and after punching through the FFD And down the eastern side we had to do a hasty backtrack near Seymour as Baseball hail was coming at us at quite a rate. We headed back east towards Lawton stopping for amazing structure of this now HP Supercell, the storm recycled one more time for us to glimpse a brief Tornado which we have on Video near Geronimo (OK) But all in all a very disappointing day given the overall set-up.

Above :- HP Supercell just west of Lawton after it had produced a wedge near Tipton (Oklahoma)

Below :- SPC Reports for this Day.

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