Sunday 28 June 2015

Saturday 9th May 2015 - Western Kansas

Day 1 proper of the 2015 Tours and starting in DFW With a general Target of Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado was always going to be tough to get to, as it turned out Colorado had an amazing tornadofest with tornadoes pictured going through rainbows etc. After getting to Liberal at lunchtime I noted an amazing clearing coming through the Palmer divide and SE Colorado, this would be the catalyst for North moving Supercells around the Lamar and Cheyenne Wells area that would go onto produce numerous picturesque Tornadoes, sadly just out of reach for us, but we stuck with a nice Supercell in Western Kansas that would eventually go onto produce twin tornadoes after dark near Colby and Oakley, A nice way to start the 2015 season if not a bit annoying to miss the main show during daylight over Eastern Colorado.

Above :- Supercell that would go onto produce twin Tornadoes near Colby and Oakley in Kansas.

Have a video grab of the Multi Vortex Bowl Tornado with satelite Cone Tornado on my facebook page.

Below SPC Reports For That Day

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