Friday 26 June 2015

Thursday 7th May 2015 - N Central Texas

Arrived on time and picked up and kitted out the cars on the 6th May just as what would turn out to be Oklahoma's biggest Outbreak of the year was ongoing, hopefully NOT a sign of what would become the 2015 season. Today was in our favour for a local test chase for me and Ian to see how the equipment would work again around the DFW Area, so we set off up the 287 towards Wichita Falls and chased some marginal Supercells for a few hours making sure the Data Pucks and streaming were working, during our chase the 3rd member of Staff had landed (Tom) and we started to make our way back towards the Fort Worth area, just as we did so Supercells around the I20 Corridor started to look much more interesting and one near Decatur gained some decent rotation and went Tornado Warned. So just south of Decatur we watched a rotating wall cloud go directly over our heads and then put down a brief Tornado just to the east of Decatur, poor road option stopped us from viewing the now large cone tornado anymore as it headed towards Krum and Gainsville but not a bad start to the season with a Tornado in the bag already!

Above :- HP Supercell just South of Wichita Fallas

Above :- Strongly Rotating Wall Cloud just South East of Decatur (Tx) before it put down a large Cone Tornado.

Link above to SPC Storm Reports for the day including our Tornado 3 Miles SE Of Decatur

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