Sunday 5 July 2015

Friday 22nd May 2015 - Colorado

We left Childress knowing the next few days looked like Slight Risks around the Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado region so set off for Limon and were just happy to pick up along the way what we could find. It ended up being a much better day than we had hoped for with quite a few pretty supercells across the I70 Corridoor from Limon to Goodland. The best of these near the little town called Arriba that was a pretty little LP Supercell. We had already booked the rooms in Limon so once near Kit Carson we headed north to an east moving storm and played a bit in the small hail and followed along just to the south under the rain free base collecting structure shots as we went, After this storm showed signs of weakening we headed back west to Limon and ate dinner in Oscars Steakhouse. A decent little day again with little to zero tornado risk but at least the structure was starting to get better as we head into the High Plains.

Above : Nice Structure to this LP Supercell east of Limon (CO)

Below : Supercell over Arriba (Colorado)

SPC Reports From this day

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