Sunday 5 July 2015

Saturday 23rd May 2015 - Colorado - Slight Risk

SPC Had introduced a 5% Tornado Risk today and storms would form along the front range and move eastwards into better moisture and hopefully stay discrete long enough for Supercells and an attendant tornado risk. But this was a very dissapointing day in the end with storms quickly forming a line and a very brief tornado report which was dubious near La Junta.

We left Limon and got onto the La Junta storm which looked really linear, we stayed ahead of the quickly forming line all the way to the Kansas and Colorado Border east of Lamar where we got some shelf cloud shots, storms at this time were not even supercellular so we called it off and headed to Garden City for the night in readiness for an almost repeat risk tomorrow in much the same area.

Above : Shelf Cloud on a HP Thunderstorm near Johnson City (Kansas)

SPC Reports for this day below

Interesting to note the Oklahoma Tornadoes happened over a Marginal Risk and no tornado risk zone and put down quite a strong EF3 Tornado, just goes to show with all that trapped moisture down there things out of the ordinary can happen.

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