Tuesday 14 July 2015

Sunday 7th June 2015 - OK/TX/KS - Slight Risk

Started the day in Burlington with SPC Highlighting a massive general area for Storms from Wyoming and Nebraska in the North to Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma in the South. Headed south down Highway 385 towards SE Colorado and then east into Kansas towards Liberal. A few storms went severe a few times but today's risk was really weak with 20kts of DLS & Meagre Cape.

Got in front of the line at Canadian and headed towards Shamrock for the evening, awaited the line of storms that never really turned up for the party and died out en route. A decent shelf cloud showed itself for a few pictures and that was just about it for today other than a few nice lightning bolts.

The last 2 days of the Tour look like down days so tomorrow it will be off to Norman for a well deserved night out before the last travel day back down to Dallas Fort Worth.

Below : Shamrock Shelf Cloud

SPC Reports page for this day below


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