Tuesday 14 July 2015

Thursday 11th June 2015 - Colorado - Slight Risk

We started today in Salina and had a nice gentle drive across to the Denver area in readiness for meeting the Tour 4 guests tomorrow, we booked out hotel early in Limon and as Storms could initiate along the way we never even looked at any model runs today and the plan was whatever was near to our end location we would chase. As we neared Goodland the first signs on anvils on the horizon to our south west appeared and what looked like a nice Supercell on radar was just North West of Lamar. So we headed south from Burlington to take a closer look. When the storm came into view it was a stunning Classic which quickly morphed back into an LP Supercell. We stopped just North East of Lamar and got our first view of it along with a sky filled with Mammatus from the anvil which now stretched well into Kansas.

Below : First Look at our Bonus Supercell

Our next stop just north of Granada started to show the storm morphing back into an LP Stage and with 3" Hail being reported I was very tempted to ride the hail out under a canopy but plugged on eastwards to ultimately see the dying and shrivelling stages of our storm right on the Kansas/Colorado border area.

SPC Reports for this day Below


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