Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thursday 28th May 2015 - Texas - Enhanced Risk

We started this day in Amarillo and SPC Had an Enhanced Risk of Supercells with a 5% Tornado risk over West Central Texas, today was all about a brief window before a huge MCS Rolled eastwards, we headed south to Childress and onwards towards Guthrie just making it in time in front of a huge HP Supercell getting to the SE Side just before a massive hail core hit the town, we headed east from there to Benjamin and watched the storm roll towards us, the storm was clearly outflow dominant and other storms were already making this a huge linear complex, we chased for a few hours before calling it a day and headed back to Childress for an early night through flooded county roads which were rapidly becoming impassable around the Paducah area. Once on Highway 287 we made it back safely and finished for the day at 6pm. Not a great days chasing and with not much on the table chaseable to get the guys back to DFW For Friday this would be the last chase of Tour 2.

Below : HP Supercell churning away to the west of Benjamin (Tx)

SPC Reports for this day Below

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