Thursday 9 June 2016

Friday 27th May 2016 - OK/KS - Marginal Risk

The last day of Tour 2 saw us waking up in Kansas near Wichita and we drifted down I35 towards Dallas and the changeover day knowing storms would erupt along a surface boundary near the Oklahoma and Kansas Border. We got onto the first storm of the day which turned briefly Supercellular and dropped 2" Hail near South Haven. Structure was very pretty as it transitioned from Classic to HP very quickly.

Below : HP Supercell on the KS/OK Border

After that storms got very messy and outflows congealed it into a system of storms so we headed south towards Norman for the night but along the way one last surprise and a stunning little LP Supercell near Guthrie gave us some last camera action before the tour came to a close.

Below : LP Supercell near Guthrie

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