Saturday 18 June 2016

Monday 13th June 2016 - Colorado - Enhanced Risk

Colorado Magic ? The Denver Cyclone ? It all looked too good as we went to bed in Scottsbluff the night before. Surface Cyclone expected to be sat over Denver with south easterly surface winds and low 60's dewpoints I was very excited...................That was until I got up and saw a south eastwards moving MCS Over South west Kansas and the Panhandles. This effectively stopped the flow of moisture north westwards and shunted everything south a few hundred miles. It was now a race against time and a race we would ultimately lose with the first photogenic Tornado of the day down near the Raton Mesa and 10 miles east of Trinidad. This was more a Peublo Cyclone!! We went south from Limon and storms were mush all day never reaching Supercell status and dying off as they left the front range. A secondary area of storms fired in the Panhandles later on and another significant Tornado occured at Dusk north of Amarillo and by that time we were almost at Colby for the night getting ready as the system moved east for the next day. A very dissapointing day given what it looked like the day before. I never even took a picture - Ouch bad Colorado!

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