Saturday 18 June 2016

Saturday 11th June 2016 - Montana (Enhanced Risk)

Started today in Miles City with a chase target of between there Glendive and Broadus. Storms started to fire in Northern Wyoming over the Bighorns and were tracking Northwards. The surface low was between Baker and Miles City so all looked great. A pair of huge Supercells started to tempt me further west and after driving to Baker (MT) To sit and watch I commited west to these supercells which ultimately would be a huge mistake and god knows why I did it seeing as we would now be west of the surface low with little chance of tornadoes out that way. Even when I left I glanced south at a developing storm south of Baker a few times which looked awful on radar and of course as soon as I was 70 miles away it roots into the boudary layer and tracks up the east side of the low where low level shear and moisture was ample and dropped an 8 minute Tornado right where we were sat an hour earlier. First real mistake of the season and a costly one in this June of drought tornado conditions ( 18 upto the 17th June so far at time of writing)

After this tornado struck a few more storms fired up and we were treated to some Supercell structure west of Miles City but overall a very frustrating chase due to a bad mistake in a bread and butter set-up which I should have known better and chased a hundred times before. Onto Colorado tomorrow for another enhanced risk.

Below : Supercell west of Miles City (Montana)

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