Friday 10 June 2016

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - New Mexico - Marginal Risk

Last day of Tour 3 started in Limon and our hand was forced today really as we had to be in Dallas for tomorrow morning. The area I liked around the Colorado Springs area was out of bounds due to distances so we headed down Highway 287 towards Lamar and just went with whatever popped up along the way. A few storms started looking interesting west of Boise City so we went west to Clayton and stuck with them for an hour or so. Structure became quite nice for a time but it was the Cg's that were the star of the show on this storm with some bolts coming out of a very tall anvil into clear air. A nice little send off for Tour 3 which at least had some great lightning on this trip but a big no to the Illusive Tornado!

Below : Great Cg strike Photo from John Finney on Tour 3

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