Sunday 15 May 2011

Thursday 12th May 2011 - SW Missouri

Left Dodge City early with a chase target of Joplin (Missouri) with a decent chance of some Supercells. Storms would fire on a cold front across Eastern Kansas and North East Oklahoma and drift NNE Towards us. We got onto a nice developing storm in SE Kansas near Pittsburgh and it developed rapidly into a Classic Supercell, we chase this for around an hour before letting it go, another 5 Supercells were lined up to our South West so we dipped down and sampled a few before darkness, most were outflow dominant but one just east of Joplin had a decent wall cloud and attempted getting the job done, unfortunately there was just not enough low level shear today, we let one of the storms hit our location and were treated to some close Cg Bolts, followed this east and let the line overrun us in Springfield where we spent the night.

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