Thursday, 25 August 2011

24th August 2011 - Benson (AZ)

Left hotel at 4pm with an almost repeat set-up to yesterday. Storms started to get going at 5pm and an MCS Rolled towards Tucson, we drive through a Mini Haboob along the way with the Storms outflow creating this feature. I then positioned us South and East of Tucson on the Desert Floor with a View to our South and East at more Storms forming along another Outflow Boundary. We could not target Windy Point this time as the Storms were to far South and East and the Mountians would have blocked off good viewing. So we set up just off I-10 Between Tucson and Benson and got some great shots once again. This was the 9th out of 9 days we have seen Thunderstorms and with 3 more to come the Monsoon Season has treated us very well. Got my best image ever from a 40 Second Exposure of 10+ Lightning bolts!

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