Sunday, 17 June 2012

Monday 14th May 2012 - Big Bend Texas

Started this day in Carlsbad (New Mexico) and SPC Went with a 5% Tornado risk just to our south around the Texas Big Bend area. The way it played out was oh so different with the front sagging south much quicker and the moisture reserved for just the hills of Mexico. We left and punched through a SE Moving MCS just North of Marathon (Texas) and awaited a few cells that had popped up near El Paso, these moved towards our position but were racing away to the SE Towards Mexico, the temperatures behind the front had dropped to an incredible 5c and this near the sub tropics with a screaming Northerly wind, almost at once we knew it was game over so we started to re-position for the next risk days coming up, a very dissapointing day from what the morning models were showing and all we got was a few Cg's and some very messy structure for our troubles.

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