Sunday, 29 May 2016

Down Days During Tour 1

The weather has settled down in the middle of Tour 1 so we went and did other stuff to keep ourselves busy before severe weather came back for our last day of Tour 1 on Monday.

We first went to have a look back at the EF4 Tornado that struck just west of Wynnewood on the 9th and came across the path quite easily from our location a few days before (Ruppe Road)

Above & Below some of the Tornado Damage from the 9th May 2016 Tornado event!

The next day we went to the El Reno Memorial site and left a little bit of England there as a mark of respect for the Twistex crew who perished at that very site 3 years ago. It was a very sobering occasion for quite a few of us.

On the 14th we went to Wakita (Oklahoma) to spend the day at the 20th anniversary of the film Twister which was filmed at that location during 1995 for the films release in 1996. The Twister Museum was great and the number of chasers there was amazing, we participated in the chaser procession down the main street in Wichita and mingled the day away with chasers from all over the world before we departed west in readiness for tour 1's last chase day in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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