Sunday 28 June 2015

Tuesday 13th May 2015 - West Central Texas

Todays risk was only Marginal but turned out a lot better than expected with a very nice Tornado warned Storm near Blackwell which is just west of San Angelo, terrain and roads around here are a big issue with lots of small scrub trees and winding roads. We set up just west of San Angelo and got onto a broken line of Supercells, the 3rd in that line turned right very near our location and attained a decent level of low level rotation and duly went tornado warned near Blackwell. The Cg lightning barrage was quite intense near a wind farm and after tracking it near to San Angelo and the storm just not getting the job done we got in front of it as it congealed into an MCS Mess and let it roll over the Hotel.

Above :- Our position denoted by the white circle next to the rotation and just in the tornado warning

Above :- As close as the Supercell got to producing a Tornado near San Angelo.

Below :- SPC Reports for the day

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