Tuesday 14 June 2011

20th May 2011 - Slight Risk - Kansas

Last chase day for Tour 2 and this was a day that went much better than planned. Had lunch in Pratt (Kansas) and told the group that stingy Cape would probably mean Uk Style Thunderstorms around the SW Kansas area but something might be able to go severe if it utilises the 500jkg of Cape. Went west and sat NE Of a Storm which was about 10 miles West of Greensburg. This Storm then started to right turn and move East straight over Greensburg itself and move towards the Pratt area. In next to no time it had turned into a beautiful Classic Supercell. Had a great chase down Kansas Farm Tracks, the Storm was still dragging in inflow with winds from the SE. Unfortunately the transition to Outflow Dominant was greeted with a blast of Cold Outflow winds about 45 minutes later and a Gustfront feature, as we had to get back to DFW For the next morning we left the storm and started our journey south but a great bonus end to Tour 2.

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