Wednesday 29 June 2011

9th June 2011 - Wyoming (Slight Risk)

A repeat performance for the 9th but we are much closer to the action having stayed in Scottsbluff overnight, there is a Moderate Risk further to the East over NE Kansas but Smoke from the Arizona Fires is reducing visiblity over their and even might be hampering convection as Sunlight is very limited, no such worries along the front range of the Rockies for today. Chase target and lunch was Wheatland and we waited quite a while for anything to form on this day but at around 6pm I noticed the convection getting deeper a little further North so off we went up I-25. Along the way a few storms exploded into life so we got into position to see what sort of hail we could get, unfortunately the main hail that covered the road missed us by about 1 mile to our north but we still got some nice nickel sized hail for a time. After this drove eastwards towards Scottsbluff and then went North to be surrounded by about 4 Storms for some Lightning. Dave got some great Daytime Lightning Pictures and here are a few for you to see. Only 2 days of the Season left for us so we will use the 10th as a travel day and gamble on the Oklahoma Panhandle for Saturday 11th June and hope we get some magic!

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