Saturday 17 July 2010

21st May 2010 - Texas Panhandle

Started Friday 21st May in Norman (OK) And headed West on I-40 Towards Amarillo. Only a Slight Risk today with 2% For Tornadoes but a nice Dryline was shaping up so with little Upper Flow anything that did form would probably stay on the Dryline and be of the LP Supercell Variety. I also had one eye on tomorrows outlook which currently was showing for N Kansas upto South Dakota so did not want to get suckered too far South. Storms this day would meander and Pulse up and down until Finally we got onto a Fantastic looking LP Supercell near Silverton and right through the Caprock Canyons. This Storm at the end was moving at 3mph so we had plenty of time to Photograph the great Cg's and Mothership appearance, also decided to punch the core for the guys to experience what I thought would be Hail no larger than Golfballs - WRONG! Took some pretty hefty Baseball Sized Hail and have now got some nice Dents in the roof, the bonnet came away quite well. Ended the day in Amarillo with a very big drive North early the next day.

Nb: Fate went against us the next day as the risk area shifted a further 250 Miles North into N Central South Dakota so we could not make it and obviously what happens when the SPC Have a Slight Risk, Yep it drops an F4 Wedge Tornado and about 15 other Tornadoes from an almost stationery Storm. First Cards against us this year and a Painful One at that.

Pictures of the Great LP Mothership and CG Lightning

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