Sunday, 18 July 2010

5th June 2010 - Moderate Risk Iowa

Really Enjoyed todays Chase, started in St Jo and had a chase target of Des Moines. Got onto a few cells and a Tornado Watch was issued, Storms were moving to the SE At 40mph so made sure to keep on the Tail end of the line near Des Moines. Watched a wall cloud head towards us but had to re-position further South along I-35, Pulled off a further 5 Miles South at the St Charles exit, just us and a Vortex 2 car were there, as I pulled over the rotation was about 100 Metres to my North West and was pretty violent, and then on the ground a very fast vortex swirling about in the field opposite us. This turned into a Multi Vortex circulation and our location started to get lots of rain, the vortex disappeared into the rain and crossed I-35 To our East. Then punched another core further South on I-35 and headed East to try to flank 2 Supercells, by this time we were in Missouri took a South road that then just ended with Bridge out signs, had to then head west down dirt tracks and got cored briefly with debris and leaves flying across the road but somehow made it under the Rain Free Base, stopped to let another area of rotation pass just to our North East but no Tornado this time. Thought Missouri was going to get me again but in the end really enjoyed todays chase, and this part of Missouri had quite a few open spaces.

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