Saturday, 17 July 2010

24th May 2010

Started Monday May 24th in Colby Kansas and SPC Had Upgraded today to another Moderate Risk for parts of Nebraska and South Dakota. We left early to get into position but this day is one I would rather forget due to insane Storm Motions, some Storms were moving at over 90mph. It is not often you are driving North from North Platte at 95mph and getting overtaken by the Suns Shadow. So made the fatal mistake of heading West to a Broken Line of Supercells that were literally Sand Storms due to being in the Nebraska Sand Hills Region, If I had stuck to my guns and went for my target in South Dakota we would have been dodging the Wedges, I have come to believe that South Dakota really does not like me, when I chase High Risks there (6th June 2007) it goes Tits up and when I cant get there the most Violent Wedges Form out of no-where, 2011 will change this - I am determined!

The day looked lost as we went back South to get ready for the next days risk in SW Kansas, but after eating at the Mongolian Grill in North Platte we came out to my best ever Mammatus Display, one saving grace for the day or the weather gods saying it really did go Tits Up! But me being a believer in things balancing themselves out I was looking forward to the 25th as surely we would have a great chase day...............We did!!!!

Some Mammatus Pics above

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