Friday 28 June 2013

Thursday 13th June 2013 - WY/CO

Started the day in Denver and drove up Interstate 25 towards Cheyenne, then onwards to a small storm over the Rockies near Wheatland. The storms today were having some big problems getting organised, we went to a truck stop that had some great views North and West and watched the storm literally fall apart in front of us spitting out sporadic Cg Lightning. With this storm moving away to the ENE We were contemplating heading back towards Nebraska to get into position for the next days risk when the dying storm hit some moisture and momentarily gained brief supercell status as it trundled towards the Nebraska / S Dakota border areas, so we decided to take one last look, along the way and as we got closer we ran into some dime sized hail covering the ground but once again and for the final time today the storm fell apart (This time for good). Headed towards Sidney for the night knowing that tomorrow's risk looked very good along a Warm Front in Northern and Eastern Nebraska.

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