Friday 7 June 2013

Tuesday 28th May 2013 - Kansas & Oklahoma

SPC Today had a broad 5% Risk of Tornadoes over nearly 1/3 of the contingent USA, I kid you not. It would have been easier to throw a dart at the map and choose a target location. In the end I narrowed it down to 2 risk areas, the first was pretty much where we started the day, but north winds were nagging at me early and with extensive clouds. The 2nd area was the dryline down in SW Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. So we gambled and before we could rectify our position and it became apparant that things were changing quickly we were commited to the dryline, this would be the first major mistake of the season for us.

The boundary sharpened up and an amazing Cone to Wedge Tornado sat in the same position for nearly 45 minutes near Bennington (Ks) 5 miles from our starting point along the boundary which we earlier dismissed.

The dryline in the end was complete pants with cold outflow dusty storms with zero structure, shit happens as they say in the chasing world and you would have to be inhumane not to make a wrong decision some of the times.

Rescued the day with some Mammatus and we did get a shear funnel near Buffalo (Ok)

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