Friday 7 June 2013

Thursday 30th May 2013 - C Oklahoma

Changeover day at DFW Airport so it must be a Moderate Risk once again in Central Oklahoma. Our last guest arrived and we were away by 230pm, plenty of time to get onto Supercells that were initiating just South West of Oklahoma City once again. After some horrendous traffic around the 820 and I-35 Junctions we were well into Oklahoma and intercepted a Lovely Supercell near Ratliffe City around 5pm. This had some amazing structure, morphing from Classic to HP Supercell and back to Classic again, and ultimately ended up LP as the Dryline retreated back west. It tried so hard to get a tornado done on numerous occasions but the low level rotation was just not strong enough and the LLJ did not arrive in time before diurnal heating killed the storms off.

A great bonus chase day though and tomorrow 31st May once again unfortunately looks like a violent day with a Solid Moderate or Low end High Risk on the cards for the Oklahoma City Metro area, these guys this year just cannot get a break from the severe weather.

Some Structure shots below from the 30th May in Oklahoma

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