Saturday 16 April 2011

Next Severe Tuesday 19th April 2011

Well after yesterday's Outbreak that I still firmly believe should have been High Risk the attention for Saturday 16th Shifts to the Carolinas, again there should be some Tornadoes out of this now 3 day event but nowhere near as many as Alabama and Mississippi yesterday, although the risk for a Long Track Tornado in the EF4 Category is stronger than yesterday. Moving onto the next possible Severe Event and it looks like Tuesday 19th sees a Shot for Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and maybe Eastern Kansas, the risk extending as the day wears on to Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky. Monday 18th sees a slight chance of something in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa as well but current indications are of High Based Hailers with the Cap holding all that Cape surpressed further South across Oklahoma and Texas. When Models become a little clearer on finer scale features will update Tuesday's risk in the next few days.

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