Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tuesday 26th April 2011 - Chase Target

Looking like a potential Tornado outbreak today across parts of Texas and Arkansas and I'd expect the SPC To upgrade this to the 2nd High Risk of the Season. Substantial Clearing is occuring across NE Texas and Arkansas today leaving behind between 2000 and 4,000jkg of Cape and curved Hodographs across the risk area. The stage is set for discrete Supercells to erupt giving rise to possible long tracked tornadoes moving eastwards later today. RUC/NAM AND GFS All break out Storms between the 18-00z timeframe. Having looked at all the parameters I am liking the US59 N-S Highway between De Queen and Texarkana to try and pick one of these Supercells off this evening and track it eastwards hoping for not so much HP Nature to the storms. Tomorrow another very severe risk looks like playing out across the Tennessee and Mississippi valleys before a quiter day on Thursday and Friday. For ourselves we fly out in 48 hours time and our first chase opportunity could come as early as Saturday across Northern Texas and North East Texas, one to watch and flying into the risk zone cant be bad on the mileage.

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