Saturday 30 April 2011

Saturday 30th April - Chase Day 1

Well up at stupid o'clock as is normal when Chase Day 1 comes around. Today sees a Slight risk and 5% Tornado Risk over much of Arkansas and 2% further west. I am liking the RUC Model which breaks out Convective Precip just South of the Red River area in North Central Texas around 00z. There is a much higher chance the cap will not break in this area as opposed to further east but we will take our chances here today, later on another round of mainly elevated storms should move to the east south east overnight so positioning the team at a good location later for lightning and some dinging on the cars will be essential. There is a window of opportunity for a few Tornadoes today and I am happy with the moisture return going on presently with 72f Dp's on the Texas coast and 61f at DFW Where we currently are.
Chase Target is Paris (Texas)

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