Thursday 9 June 2016

Thursday 26th May 2016 - Kansas - Moderate Risk

Awoke today in Salina with a Moderate Risk on offer and a 15% Hatched Tornado Risk across most of Central Kansas. This was supposed to be the big day and clearly it had all the parameters to be with the main trough ejecting out onto the plains. One big problem I could see was zero capping and storms ongoing from before midday, this was going to be one of those messy days. We headed west to Russell and then south to Great Bend to look at a line of storms moving through Greensburg and some of them had tornado warnings on them as they headed towards us. Visibility was awful and there was no structure to be had at all. Dewpoints were also mixing down at this point and at 3pm I pretty much knew it was game over for any chance of Supercells or Tornadoes today. In fact I never even took a picture as nothing was worthy of it. We headed over to Wichita for the evening and watched the 2nd line of storms from Colorado come across the Hotel and even that was tame and meagre. A pretty shocking day given what was on the table but the preceding 5 days had been great so everyone was still happy.

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