Thursday 9 June 2016

Tuesday 31st May 2016 - Texas Panhandle - Marginal Risk

Started the day in Amarillo and SPC went marginal for today with a less than 2% Tornado risk once again. There was nice moisture pooling up against the Caprock today so was very hopeful of some nice structure at least and borderline supercells. An old weak outflow boundary was also in the area from the previous days MCS. We got onto a storm SW of Lubbock near Brownwood and this was really high based and struggling for a good few hours. My attention was then drawn to the radar and the westwards moving OFB was moving along Interstate 20 about the same time a storm erupted down near Lamesa. This storm latched onto the weak boundary and went into a HP Supercell really quickly. The structure was stunning with vivid green skies in the large hail and the Cg's spitting out were really quite dangerous at times. We only noted very weak rotation a few times and the writing was on the wall when huge walls of dust and cold outflow winds undercut the storm and killed it off North of Big Spring. Still a fun chase and great structure for a marginal risk day. A few days travelling upto Minnesota coming up before the next risk on the 3rd June.

Below : HP Supercell near Lamesa (Tx)

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