Wednesday 15 July 2015

Saturday 13th June 2015 - TX/NM - Slight Risk

Started Day 1 of the final tour in Liberal and had a general chase target of Hereford to Hobbs and would await storms rolling off the mountains and higher terrain in New Mexico before intercepting. The forecasts all pointed in the same direction which was discrete supercells that would quickly congeal into a line segment which would push east across the Texas Panhandle.

Our Storm looked good for a small window but quickly got cut off by numerous storms back building to the south, we stopped at a cow farm and got hit by an intense Cg lightning barrage which was pretty much the highlight of the day. One bolt struck the power lines down the road which created some nice sparks.

Got in front of the line at Lubbock and watched as it rolled through the town creating some bad flooding.

Tomorrow looks like a repeat area but hopefully this time storms can remain discrete longer with more of an attendant tornado and structure risk.

SPC Reports for this day Below

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