Thursday 9 July 2015

Wednesday 3rd June 2015 - CO/WY/NE - Enhanced Risk

Today looked like the biggest day of this tour, all the ingredients were in place for some High Plains magic, the HRRR Kept showing 2 areas of Tornadic Supercells, the first near Chugwater and the second near Denver. We chose the Wyoming risk as it was easier to get to from Scottsbluff and backed winds and 60f dewpoints should never be sniffed at in Wyoming at this time of the year. We ate lunch in Cheyenne and watched cumulus towers on the rockies start to get organised, one thing we did not factor in was the straight northwards motion of these storms today and for the first 3-4 hours nothing even got near to the front range.

This was not going to plan, and looking down south the obligatory Castle Rock Storm was starting to look good to the south as well, it would be easy to bomb down I-25 For this but knowing we never leave a chase target we stuck it out and headed a little bit further north and east towards Torrington.

Finally at about 8pm I noticed a storm that had initiated in front of the Rockies that was travelling North East and sat and watched this grow into a little LP Supercell, I think the day was done tornado wise as the boundary had already started to decouple, so we like numerous other chasers in this 10% Hatched Tornado risk were left with some structure to finish the day.

The Supercell put on a bit of structure near the town of Guernsey (Wy) and we took some pictures there before retreating back to yep you have guessed it Scottsbluff for the night.

Overall a very dissapointing day but with 2 days of the Denver Cyclone coming up we were not done yet on Tour 3 and hopeful of keeping up the record of seeing at least a tornado per tour since the middle of 2012!

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