Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tuesday 16th June 2015 - WY/CO/NE/KS - Slight Risk

After yesterdays Amarillo to Sterling travel day we had a decent handle on today and had high hopes for the first tornadoes of Tour 4. My chase target was Chugwater to Torrington and so we set off north towards Scottsbluff and then west towards Cheyenne on I80. A decent looking storm to the west of Torrington started to take on that oh so familiar LP Shape and also started to move quite quickly to the South East. It briefly went tornado warned and we found a great vantage point to the South of Torrington to watch and get some pictures.

Below : LP Supercell South of Torrington (Wyoming)

After the above pictures were taken we headed south towards La Grange and kept this storm always within 20 miles keeping in front of it. Another Supercell had fired pretty much on top of us and we positioned to be just south east of Supercell number 1 above and just south west of Supercell number 2 which was now South of Scottsbluff.

Below : Supercell number 2

After letting that storm go we went back to see how our original Supercell was doing and thought it might look pretty Shelfie seeing as we were hearing of 4" Hail reports coming in from South East of Torrington and we were not wrong with the structure with a stunning HP Supercell trundling towards us. We got some snaps and called it a day heading back to our starting point of Sterling again. Overall another dissapointing day tornado wise with very little or weak rotation noted in all storms we saw.

Below : HP Supercell South East of Torrington (Wyoming)

There was another risk further east today along a strangely shaped north to south warm front, a couple of weak landspout spin ups were reported with these storms but as of going to print there still seems to be no pictures of these events so pretty happy with our structure from today.

SPC Reports for this day Below

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