Wednesday 8 July 2015

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 - SD/ND/NE - Slight Risk

We started today in Scottsbluff and a few targets were on the table, in hindsight we really did not have to go far and would end up retracing our steps back to the same hotel, if only we had a crystal ball eh.

We plumped for the enhanced risk of storms firing over Central South Dakota along a stationery front that arced into North Dakota, after noting the North Dakota area starting to fire a lone Supercell we hung tight south of Murdo and waited, I did not want to commit to much further north because we had 3 solid days coming up in Wyoming and Colorado for the 3-5th June but our area looked completely capped and with temperatures soaring into the mid 90's and cumulus withering away at least we had the third option on the table which was storms coming out of Wyoming into the Nebraska Panhandle (Where we had started)

At about 430pm enough was enough and we headed back south and east towards Chadron and picked up a nice HP Supercell which filled the sky with Mammatus, this was a very outflow dominant storm and was picking up sand and dust from the local sandhills area so we quickly departed further south and east towards Scottsbluff and Alliance where much more discrete LP Supercells were awaiting us in the dwindling light.

Below : HP Supercell approaching with Mammatus filled sky

As we headed south from Alliance we started to see the anvils from the LP Supercells lined up to our south and seeing as we had already rebooked our rooms at Scottsbluff in readiness for a 10% Risk day in Wyoming tomorrow we elected to stay west of our storms to see what was powering these 50kt Hailers. They really had no chance at tornadoes today due to unfavourable thermodynamics so we just sat there as the sun went down and watched in total peace as the storms rolled away to our east.

More Pics and Panos below

SPC Reports for this day Below

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