Sunday 14 March 2010

20th May 2009 - Nebraska

This day turned out a lot better than planned due to 1 Supercell going crazy just before dark. We started the day in Wichita (Ks) with a Chase target of North Platte along I-80. A few storms went up but the convection was very shallow and not a lot was expected of these storms so it was a welcome surprise when at 7pm one Storm near Thedford went crazy and got some decent structure along with a very well defined Wet Microburst. The storm then gusted out and upon arriving at North Platte for our nights stay we had a Sandstorm warning for most of the night, this being due to North Plattes close proximity to the Nebraska Sand Hills.
Pic 1 - Supercell starting to Gust Out
Pic 2 - Wet Microburst
Pic 3 - Very Nice Supercell Structure
Pic 4 & 5 - Convection was very shallow and initially struggled

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