Friday 19 March 2010

23rd May 2008 - Kansas

This is single handedly my best Chase day ever to date. The day started early at around 5am with a line of Severe Tornado warned storms moving through our overnight location of Hays (Ks) where we had stayed after our 2 Tornadoes from the 22nd May High Risk the day before. After nearly getting evacuated from the Hotel and getting some seriously close Cg's landing in the car park outside we got up for breakfast early. Out Chase target was much the same as the day before just South of a Stalled Warm Front that would be the focus for Supercells and plenty of Tornadoes. We meandered down towards Dighton and waited as the 1st Storms fired near Garden City. We punched the core of the 1st Storm East of Dighton and came face to face with a Wedge Tornado about 2 miles to our west, another Satelite Cone Tornado came around the main circulation. After this Tornado occluded we then got Tornado number 3 at 540pm near Shields (Ks). We then located east to Ness City where we saw Tornado number 4 at about 745pm. Then followed another Supercell north towards Hays and saw a Cone Tornado with power flashes near Ellis at 835pm. This day was non stop for about 7 hours and we ended it in Great Bend with more Tornado warned Supercells approaching from the Greensburg area. One of these had a large Tornado on the ground to the SE Of Great Bend with Tornado sirens screaming.

Pic 1 - Wedge Tornado near Dighton (Ks)

Pic 2 - Cone Tornado near Shields (Ks)

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