Sunday 21 March 2010

7th May 2008 - SC Oklahoma

Started the day in Cool and Cloudy Abilene and had to get North and East to get into the Juicy Air, so made our way towards DFW On the I-20 And then upto Gainsville for lunch. Storms initiated over SW Oklahoma so after lunch we headed North towards Ardmore and intercepted along Highway 7 in Oklahoma. Followed a nice Supercell along with the DOW Armada back east towards I-35 Until this gusted out, then picked up another LP Supercell further SE back over the Red river valley near Sherman. Not much chance of Tornadoes today but some very picturesque Gust fronts and Roll Clouds today. Ended the day in Sherman (Tx) before our SPC Visit the next day in Norman.
Pic 1 - Rainbow over Harvested Field
Pic 2 & 3 - Gust Front Features
Pic 4 - 1st Storm gusting out
Pic 5 - Our position on Barons

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